Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To Bee, or not to Bee

To bee, or not to bee...
The answer to that seems to be easy, and obvious. Of course we need, and want bees. Without them, we would be in big trouble. 
This is a problem that you can actually start to do something about. For decades Americans have been striving for that ideal weed-free lawn. But, the tide is beginning to turn back to the clover yards of the past. Clover is an excellent source of bee food, and it adds nitrogen to the soil. Dandelions are also a very important, early season food source for bees, and other insects.
I no longer use weed killers to the extent I had in the past. I will admit, that if I find a thistle where my barefooted gkids might run, I will pull it, and put a couple of drops of weed killer in the hole to kill the root.
I will sometimes sit in the grass and pull creeping Charlie. That is a weed I just can't be at peace with...and for me, pulling it is like therapy. 
Leave the dandelions now, and the bees will thank you later by pollinating your garden this summer.

Nom nom nom

You know you want to pull it...but don't. And, please don't spray it!

First one to bloom in my parkway today.

They really are kind of pretty.

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