Thursday, May 12, 2016

American Toad Eggs/Tadpoles Updates

For those of you interested in following the progress of the American Toad eggs:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2: Notice how in one day, they went from being round, to oblong. I wouldn't be surprised if we see movement by tomorrow.

Day 3: A lot of them have hatched!

Day 3, evening: Some have started swimming around. This is standard sized aquarium gravel. The tadpoles are just shy of 1/4".

Inevitably, when I bring in plastic plants that have the toad eggs on them, fish eggs get brought in, too. I just noticed a couple of dozen baby fish (fry). The are so very tiny, and virtually clear. You can just make out their eyes, and spine. They will also grow quickly.  They look like little 'Y's.

There are 4 in this picture. Can you see them? They are not even 1/2 the size of the tadpoles.

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