Monday, May 9, 2016


30 years ago, my love of Redbud Trees began, as I looked out my window to a neighbor's wooded lot. It was late April, and tints of purple were scattered among the bright greens of early Spring. Even on the rainiest days, the color of the Redbud tree gives me hope. Eastern Redbuds (Cercis canadensis) are also known as Judas Tree, as one legend says that Judas chose this tree for his demise.
George Washington also enjoyed the beauty of this tree, and planted them at his home at Mount Vernon.
Native Americans used the bark to treat conditions such as: fevers, congestion, coughing, and upset stomach.
A species of leafhopper is so adapted for this tree, that it is called a 'Redbud Leafhopper'

Close up of the Redbuds flower blossoms

Redbud Leafhoppers look like mini dinosaurs.

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  1. What beautiful trees! It's so hard to keep my gaze off them when i walk/ride bye.