Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pics from a day in the yard

I will oftentimes say to myself, ' I'm not taking my iPhone, and macro lens outside with me today. I'm going to focus on mowing the lawn'. And, then I see something cool, and run back into the house, grab my iPhone, lens, and run back out quickly to get a pic. This is why it takes me longer to do yard work than it should. But, I love it. Here are last night's finds.
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Tiny Harvestman aka 'Daddy Long Legs'

This Harvestman's body was the width of a blade of grass.

Green Leafhopper

Lacewing eggs suspended by thin filaments under a milkweed leaf.

When the Ladybeetle larva hatch out of these eggs, they will feast on the Oleander Aphids that are surrounding them.

Ladybeetles are a very good garden buddy.

I've seen lots of Tree Crickets this year. This one is on the underside of a milkweed leaf.

This Tree Cricket, on my house siding, is much smaller, and looks like it freshly molted.

This is a Leafhopper nymph.

This Leafhopper was on my front door. Top view.

Tummy view 


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