Thursday, October 13, 2016

Toxonevra superba (bow vein)

Sometimes when I'm in the garden I come across something that I've probably seen before, but gave little thought to it. And, then one day I see it, and think, 'I wonder what that is.' Here's the important part...I follow through, and research. I have found a number of wonderful pages, and sites that have people FAR more knowledgeable than I that can help ID insects and plants. 
This little lady reminded me of that scene in 'My Big, Fat Greek Wedding' where the father is explaining how every word can be traced back to Greek. This insect doesn't have a common name, just a scientific name that was derived from Greek: Toxonevra superba
Toxo, from the Greek word for bow, and nevra from the Greek word for vein or cord. Now, I hope you read that in the voice of Toula's dad, Mr. Portokalos .
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