Monday, March 14, 2016

Building a brush pile

Beautiful Fall day, temps are warm, sky is clear, no wind...a perfect day for getting the yard ready for winter. Because I've lost 3 Ash trees due to Emerald Ash Borer, I don't have the leaves that I use to. This year I begged 5 yard bags of leaves from a neighbor so I could put a proper blanket on my garden. It will break down over the winter, and I will till it into the soil in the Spring.
The other thing I do is make a brush pile. I started doing that a number of years ago when I noticed birds using brush piles left on the path after tree trimming. The piles provide a quick shelter in the event of a Coopers Hawk is spotted. Usually within minutes of finishing the pile, I will have birds checking it out. I also wait until Spring to prune back my Autumn Clematis so the birds can use it for shelter.
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