Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Woodpecker nest

One of the best things my gkids can ask me is, 'Can we go for a walk on the path?' Yesterday the 3 year old asked me that. With the weather being unseasonably warm (not complaining) we headed up the steps from my backyard up to the path. We hadn't even left the boundary of my backyard when we came upon a new find! Oh, how many times have I debated on cutting down that 6' tall tree stump! An eyesore for sure, but I left it...just in case. As a gardener, and a naturalist, I struggle with wanting to keep my garden visually appealing, and appealing to wildlife. After many years of looking at that dead tree, I'm rewarded. It looks as if it has finally become suitable for a Downy Woodpecker nest! I will keep my eye on it and give you updates as we approach breeding season. Even a dead tree can be very important.

Male Downy Woodpecker

Freshly excavated cavity nest

Inside the nest

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