Monday, March 14, 2016

White Snakeroot

White Snakeroot is currently in bloom in September, and can be seen in many woodland edges. It is in the same family as asters (also blooming now), Asteraceae. Snakeroot is considered a toxic plant, including as a secondary toxin. It is believed that Abraham Lincoln's mother died from 'milk sickness' caused by milk from a cow that had eaten snakeroot.
Not all bad though. Parts of the plant have been used in medicines to treat a variety of ailments. The best known is a poultice made from the root that used in the treatment of snakebites, thus the plant's name.  
From a distance the flowers look more like little tufts of fluff. Up close, you can see very pretty, well formed florets.
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From a distance, the flowers look fuzzy.

Macro pic of Snakeroot florets.

Macro pic of Snakeroot florets.

Heart shaped leaf with well defined veining.

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