Monday, March 14, 2016

Ground Cherries/Husk Cherries

Sometimes, a 'weed' can give you a nice treat. These plants are both types of Ground Cherries, aka Husk Cherries. The leaves are slightly different, but they have the same flower, which turn into little 'lanterns' that house a little berry. When the lantern starts to dry, you can open it up to find a little golden cherry. If it's still green, it has a bitter taste, but when ripe it is nice and sweet.
A weed is just a plant that is growing where we don't want it to, or that we haven't found a use for yet.
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I love the purple veining on the stems of this variety.

Notice that the leaves of this variety are a little narrower, and don't look as thick.

Flowers of both look the same. The flowers face downward, so I had to turn it over to get a pic.

The little lantern.

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