Monday, March 14, 2016

Fall Leaf Nature Craft

Nature craft with the kids!

Cut 2 squares of cardboard (repurposed cereal boxes) 4-5". Using glue stick, coat one of the squares. Position leaves with underside facing up (because the veins are more prominent). Press the leaf down. Cut a piece of foil, a couple of inches larger than the square. Put glue on dull side of foil, and then put it on top of leaves. Fold under the edges. Lightly rub foil down so you can see the outline of the leaves. Outline the leaves with your choice of Sharpie marker color, then fill in. Let dry a couple of minutes. Use slightly watered down, black acrylic paint, and completely cover the foil. Use a paper towel and pat off the paint. You may need to dampen the towel. Let dry. Turn over your project, and glue the 2nd square to the back. Cut a piece of yarn or jute, and tape it to the back for a hanger.

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