Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting to know the Elderberry

Have you ever met someone, and really looked forward to getting to know them better? I felt that this past September about Elderberry. I've always heard about 'Elderberry wine', which I have yet to try, but never really knew anything about the plant.
There are a few of the bushes at a local forest preserve, Churchill Woods. Now that I know where they are, I want to follow their progress through the seasons. I look forward to photographing the buds and blossoms this Spring.
Elderberry flowers are used to make syrups, cordials, and liqueurs. Marshmallows can even be made from Elderberry syrup. My favorite use is in the liqueur 'St. Germain'. My husband makes an excellent Pear Martini using it. So, 'Thank you, Elderberry!'
The berries can be made into wines, cordials, jellies, and pies. However, the uncooked berries can be toxic! You shouldn't eat quantities of them raw.

Elderberry berries

I think I could go for a Pear Martini

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