Sunday, March 13, 2016

Butterfly Stained Glass Craft

Here is a fun, and easy craft project that can be used to decorate windows to help reduce bird strikes. All you need is construction paper, colors of tissue paper, clear Contact paper, and scissors. We have done variations of this with hearts for Valentine's Day, and pine trees for Christmas.

Knowing the ages of my grandkids range from 3-9, I decided to do some prep work for this activity the night before. I folded a piece of black construction paper in half, then cut out a butterfly shape. I then cut out the shape to leave me with just a border outline. These you place on the sticky side of clear contact paper.

The youngest needed my help to put her butterfly on the contact paper. The others needed a little help to center it, but could then press it into place.

I cut 1/2" strips of colored tissue paper the night before. I have a craft paper cutter, but you could use scissors, or just tear pieces.

You can lay the pieces in any direction, in any color. Even pieces of the same color have a nice effect because they will appear darker where they overlap.

The strip can be played across the open area, and then when you get to the other side, just hold it down with your finger and tear it off at the other border.

I made one to look like a Monarch. I first added white dots to my border. You work from the back side, so I had to flip this over to attach it to the contact paper.

Almost done!

Very intense.

She wanted hers to look more like a swallowtail in color.

Once the open areas are filled, trim off any tissue paper that goes over the border edge.

Now that all of the open spaces are filled, and edges are trimmed, it's time to put on the other section of contact paper.

Trim away the contact paper about 1/4" away from the edge.

Almost ready for the big reveal.

Anxiously waiting to see what it will look like with the light going through.

Ta-Da!! These would be a nice project for a window that is prone to bird strikes. The shapes will let birds know that it isn't a fly through, and you get a pretty piece of kid art!

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