Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tools I use

'All the better to see you with'
Many people have asked me how I get my images. All of my pics are from my yard, or from the path that runs behind my house. Occasionally, I will get some from the nearby forest preserve. All of the images were taken with my iPhone 6 with an Ōlloclip macro lens attachment with 7x, 14x, and 21x.
Years ago, I became very aware of the power, that seeing at that level, has in drawing in children, and igniting their imagination, curiosity, and desire to learn more.
One of my favorite tools has been a hand-held lighted microscope 30x (anything stronger is a little too much for this purpose).
Of course, for little kids, big plastic magnifying glasses are a good introduction.
Another item that I just picked up for $5 at a camera store, is an 8x loupe. The link I found has them for about $10. This will be perfect for the 3 yr old that can't quite manage how to close one eye to look in a scope.
I also have a student microscope set up for the gkids to use anytime they want.
Links will be provided in the comments under the pics on how to acquire these items.



I found these at the toy store

Antique magnifying glass on stand

Loupe for viewing photograph contact sheets



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