Monday, March 14, 2016

Common Fleabane, Bushy Aster, Daisy Fleabane

And this is why ID-ing plants and insects can be so difficult. You can have many that look practically identical, but because of one or two tiny differences, it's a different plant. When you ID anything you have to take many things into consideration: location (range), time of year, what are it's companions, etc, etc.
One of these pics is Daisy Fleabane that grows in my garden (nearing it's end), the other is a Bushy Aster (in its' prime right now). 
(Edit: I added a pic of Common Fleabane that I found still blooming in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Notice the thinner, almost fringe-like petals of Common Fleabane.
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Daisy Fleabane has petals that are slightly more formed than Common Fleabane (looks like fringe). This flower hasn't had many pollinators visit it, as compared to the next flower pic, which shows an older blossom.

Daisy Fleabane. Notice how the center changes in appearance as it ages and has been pollinated.

Bushy Aster

Bushy Aster.  Slightly fewer petals than Daisy Fleabane. Notice how the centers are quite different from each other as well. This one looks like tiny yellow florets in the center.

Common Fleabane I found still blooming in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Oct 2015.

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