Monday, March 14, 2016

Cross Orbweaver

I know I have a number of friends out there that are squeamish when it comes to certain elements of nature. I happen to love all aspects of nature, including the reptiles, amphibians, insects, and spiders. Out of consideration for those that might get a little creeped out, believe it or not, I really do limit what I post. I try to lean heavy on the 'pretty, cute, and fuzzy'. But, it's Halloween week, so I feel I can post a few of the 'not so cute, but still amazing critters I find.
This spider was found about a month ago, on my neighbor's playground, under the slide. It has a few names: European Garden Spider, Diadem Spider, or Cross Orbweaver. It's Latin name is: Araneus diadematus. They are one of the good guys in the garden. Nothing to worry about.
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