Monday, March 14, 2016

Lacewings, a gardener's friend

I was waiting to post about the Lacewing, trying to get my own pics, but alas, the only pics of mine here are the one of the egg, and the aphids (grrr).
Lacewings are what gardeners call a 'Beneficial insect'. Its' larva is also called, Aphid Lion. Can you guess why gardeners like them? There are a few sites where you can actually purchase lacewings and ladybugs for insect control in your garden.
I love the way lacewings eggs are suspended away from the leaf on a delicate filament. They are very tiny. I feel so lucky to have run across a few this year while looking for Monarch eggs.
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Lacewing egg

Lacewing larva aka Aphid Lion

Adult Lacewing

Oleander Aphids on my milkweed. Hopefully, aka lunch for Lacewings and Ladybugs.

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